Saturday, October 14, 2006

It's Date Night!

Wait. Where do adults go for dates nowadays?

I have no ideas. Where do you coupled bloggers with kids go when the opportunity presents itself?

[Edit to add: We drove to Hillsboro Village, had a nice walk around despite cooling temperatures, and shared a pizza at Pizza Perfect.

She: Watched the Florida-Auburn game on the TV.
He: Perused the Nashville Scene's yearly "Best Of Nashville" edition.

Afterward, we walked a bit more and then came home. We here at Chez Bez know how to live it up. Bottom line, it's just nice to spend some quiet leisure time together. It's a rare and treasured thing these days.]


gnightgirl said...

I wouldn't know, dammit.

Linda said...

We spend our date nights at home with a pizza, TiVo, and a baby monitor. :)

jag said...

We usually go to Rosepepper for dinner (or anywhere else we normally wouldn't splurge on), then go to Barnes & Noble to get an overpriced coffee and browse the titles for an hour or so.

Yeah, we're dorks.