Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What's On Your List?

I was talking with a friend the other day about how we get so busy sometimes with work or for family that we can forget to make time for ourselves. We can easily make time for the small pleasures: a coffee and croissant at Provence in Hillsboro Village, a foreign language film at the Belcourt Theatre. But what about the big items on the "Things To Do Before I Die" list?

Mine is probably a bit odd, but it suits my quiet relationship with the world quite well. I'd like to take a month (maybe two), and ride the rails across America. One ticket, my camera and my notebook by my side, and a lot of stops along the way. I'd research all of the planned stops and take the time to get to know the towns. I've spent many an evening looking at various AmTrak routes and envisioning myself with a window seat, watching my America as the steel train made its way across so much history. I'd be a regular Peter Jenkins, just with a lot less walking.

Plan B is to get a job as a flight attendant and move about the country from a somewhat higher vantage point. At least plan B comes with uninterrupted pay and health insurance benefits. The resume is in. Now I'm just waiting for that call.

What's on your list?


Sam Davidson said...

Writing that novel that's taking shape inside my head.

Writing that memoir that's taking shape inside my head.

jag said...

Somehow I think you'll understand this...

When I was contemplating going out to Eugene, OR and camping for a while in Willamette, I wanted to drive out through the plains.

People who had done that discouraged me, saying to drive through Idaho or something instead, because otherwise it's just miles upon miles upon miles of nothingness.

They thought I was nuts for actually wanting that nothingness. I would like to experience that desolation, the days of seeing nothing but the road and the horizon. I'm intrigued by it when I read books like the Grapes of Wrath or whatever, when these people just plug away, aiming for their destination and then rejoicing when they finally see a hint of a mountain in the distance.

So, someday, I'd like to do that.

Hope you don't mind long comments! ;)

Muffy said...

In no particular order:

Bikram Yoga Training School
San Diego Zoo
Own the car of my dreams
Become a good photographer

Katey said...

A Walk Across America was the only book I really enjoyed in high school, with the exception of A Picture of Dorian Gray.

I can't wait to see A Train Across America on my local bookshop shelves.

greekchickie said...

I like the thought of riding the train for a month. There's so much adventure out there.

My goal one day is to live in northern Italy, permanently.

I like this idea of a blog... I may borrow it one day from you!


sista smiff said...

Go to New York City and see a Broadway play, stand atop the Empire State Building, do something with what little writing talent I have, but, just don't know what; play in a band, write a hit song (just one that will make me wealthy..a Gentle On My Mind kinda thing)