Thursday, November 23, 2006

Changing A Tire In The Dark On Thanksgiving

Video #1 is me changing the tire and talking a bit towards the end. Video #2 is my big thank you to all of the people who passed by without stopping for the twenty minutes or so that I was struggling with my task in the dark.

Seriously, it wasn't a big deal. While Beziats might be known for their skills in the world of automotive repair, we have been known to change the odd tire. And I'd prefer to think that all of the people who drove by my disabled car on a dark Thanksgiving night were just confident that I could do the job and do it well. And for their confidence in me, I am thankful.

On a less silly note, I really am grateful for the things that break which remind me of the things I have and the family that I miss which remind me of the family that I have. I wish them a safe return from Florida and I wish the best for you and yours.

My flashlight batteries were dead so I used the next best thing.


Leesa said...

I love it :)
Mine would have had a lot more cussing in it though.

gnightgirl said...

Well, that just sucks swamp water. And I think I'll stock my car with a flashlight, an item now missing from my kit.

Love the sarcastic Video #2. I'm sure, as you said, that they thought you had the situation under control.

Kate O' said...

Years ago when I lived in San Jose, I pulled into a convenience store for some coffee or something on my way to work, and noticed a sound like hissing but couldn't identify it. When I came back out of the store, one of my tires was completely flat. I must have run over some broken glass or something.

What makes the story worse is that I had a sprained arm, in a splint and everything. A few people pulled into the convenience store driveway over the 20 or so minutes it took for me to mostly change the tire in my business clothes with only one arm, and not one of them stopped to offer help. Not until I was nearly finished -- donut tire mounted, attaching bolts back into place -- and a guy stopped to offer help. I felt like screaming at him, but he obviously wasn't part of the problem, and I was pretty pooped out from the exertion by then. So I grumpily accepted his help. I should have been more graceful, but I was pretty ticked at humanity.

greekchickie said...

Oh bummer on the flat. I would have freaked out if that had happened to me.


Lynnster said...

I absolutely loved the videos and laughed! But sorry you had to deal with that, that sucks!

CHEZ BEZ said...

Thanks all. And what kind of dedicated nerd thinks to videotape this stuff? I'm so weird. ;)

But Kate O's story takes the cake. I can't even imagine that. Aside from the fact that she is a pretty girl (shouldn't that be enough for some guys?), but with her arm in a cast? Ugh.

Melissa said...

your voice sounds really familiar and now its going to bug me all night until I am reminded of who you sound like.