Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I am a towering 6 foot 2 inches tall. Well, I don't know if "towering" is the right word, but some seem to think of me as quite tall. I think I may have a natural slouch and I imagine that if I get that posture as it should be, then I will really hear about my exceptional height even more.

I've met fellow bloggers only to have them write about me later as being really tall. I've got to work on that. "Funny" or "really intelligent" are preferred adjectives. (I have given up on "good looking." That would have worked when I was in my mid-20s, but that was a long time ago.)

I really don't think of myself as particularly tall. Whether you are 5'2", 5'6", or 5'9", you are just another person who is shorter than me. But then, my brother and his friends are a good 6 to 8 inches taller than me. For a short time, I lived as an adult with my little - albeit much taller - brother and I would often come home from work to a house filled with his basketball playing buddies. There I would be, 6'2" in a room full of people a good half foot taller than myself. In those nights, I would smile, look upwards and think, "Wow. So this is how the rest of the world sees me."

Anyway, for those of you who are over 18 years of age, I will direct you to a site that I like to visit in these after midnight hours. is one of those sites I like because it is sexy but also because it is written for the internet surfer who likes a little literature and art with his sex. The writer of this nerve article writes of a "social convention for uncharacteristically tall people." (Warning: It starts out innocently enough but does get around to the topic of S-E-X. Just so you know.)

One closing note: Tip your hotel shuttle driver. We might make less than you think. If a taxi would set you back $10, then throw this driver a buck. You're still ahead nine. Thanks.


Summer said...

Haha!! That's probably the first thing I thought when I met you... Wow, he's tall. You should have sent me a disclaimer.

*Warning... I may be taller in person than I appear online*

Lynnster said...

Also tipping for rental car and airport parking shuttles and the like too. I do a LOT of car rental locally for out of town trips because my two cars are both pieces of crap, so I'm a frequent rider of both. It just amazes me when I'm on one of those shuttles and it's full of people, and I'm the only one who bothers to tip a buck.

Anonymous said...

hi - it's your mom. yes, you're
tall, especially compared to your
brother matthew who is about 5'10".
just think of me, however. i've
been the shrimp of all the children
all my life. my little brother Rob
is 6'7", Bill is 6'5" and Daddy is
6'6". even my sister Janet is taller than i am at 5'9" - i'm the
little kid at 5'7". most folks
would kill to be 5'7", after all,
that's pretty tall, but i'm the
little one in the family. what a
shame it is to be so blessed short.
but you're right - Evan is so tall,
it's amazing.
can't wait to see you tomorrow at
thanksgiving - we're all really
looking forward to it.

Heidi said...

i wish i could have said, hey, aren't you chez bez?

great article on nerve.

i'm not just commenting...i'm here to tell you, you've been tagged. visit my website to find out what to do. :)