Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Vince Young Legacy Started With A Hug

I watched and was wowed by today's game between our Titans and New York's Giants. The only thing that could have taken this team spirit emotion higher would have been a possible playoff run by Tennessee's team. That said, they sure played the role of spoiler in the most exciting way possible.

Between Pacman's interceptions and Vince Young's scoring drives, it was a beautiful thing to view. Jeff Fisher said, "Wow." Giant's coach Tom Coughlin said, "We're going to be sick about this one forever." And my wife said, "I think I want a Vince Young jersey." But she wanted that one before the game anyway.

My favorite moment was the joke of a sack attempt on Young by Giants rookie Mathias Kiwanuka. Facing fourth-and-10 in the waning moments, Young dropped back only to be hugged immediately by the speedy Kiwanuka. It was a sure sack and I was sure that New York would take possession and handily wrap up this game with a well-needed victory. But the sack was not to be as Kiwanuka quickly released his grip from our rookie QB, assuming I suppose that this was simply a two-hand touch contest and his job was done.

The hug complete, Young took off for a 19 yard run, guaranteeing the Titans a first down and an opportunity to tie the game. Score and tie they did. One more Pacman Jones interception and a field goal kick later and the rest was history. The biggest fourth quarter comeback in franchise history and it feels good to be a fan.

[Edit to add: In defense of Mathias Kiwanuka's mistake on the attempted sack, he says that he had his head down and thought that Vince Young had already thrown the ball. He was concerned about a possible 15-yard penalty for driving the quarterback to the ground and so released his grip. I hope he redeems himself next week against Dallas.]

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Muffy said...

it was a totally understandable call on Kiwanuka's part... it did look like Vince was going to throw but hell that's what he's good at - faking a pass and RUNNING THE HELL AWAY.

He made my father-in-law shut up for a minute about how TN should have picked Cutler instead of Vince.

I have 100% faith in Vince. HOOK 'EM!