Sunday, November 26, 2006

Chimp Mothers Make Better Lovers

I recently read an interesting article on why male chimpanzees prefer older chimpanzee mothers over their younger counterparts.
Cross-cultural research suggests that men generally prefer to hook up with younger women. The same does not appear to hold true for chimpanzees. A new study finds that the males of that species go for older females in a big way. Chimp researchers have long suspected that the animals prefer older females as mates. For example, Jane Goodall, who spent nearly half a century studying the chimps at Gombe, Tanzania, noted that some males were extremely attracted to older females.


BBLogan said...

The little smarties.
Clock was telling me about this article over the weekend.

Monkey Bob said...

Interesting! Perhaps chimps are MORE evolved than we are. With your premission, I am going to feature this story on my blog, and link it to you.

CHEZ BEZ said...

Permission granted. ;)

Thanks for the comment. Perusing your blog now. I like it.