Saturday, February 17, 2007

Back Off My Girl

Britney doesn't need me to defend her (or maybe she does?), but people better step back and let her breathe a bit. So she goes to clubs while someone else watches the kids. So she sometimes leaves the underwear at home. Let her shine and bask in the life that her record sales and concert ticket sales have afforded her.

And now everyone's on her case because she went all BadBadIvy and shaved her head? I think she looks great. If for no other song than In The Zone's "Early Morning," I wait with bated breath for any and all new music releases from Ms. Spears. (Seriously, look up "Early Morning" and hear how sexy her collaboration with Moby - another shaved head - sounds.)

I hope she's got the thick skin to keep doing her thing despite the snarky criticism from all around her. In an act of solidarity, I'd like to announce here first that I too shaved my head this morning. It feels good and I hope that Britney Spears knows that she's always got a supporter here at Chez Bez.

Click here for a good bio piece on Britney which touches on that song I like so much.

Sidenote: I didn't really shave my head. Some people can pull that look off. Not me. My noggin's a bit misshapen for that. At least that's what my wife says.


Lynnster said...

Well, I was about to ask by god, where's the Bald Bez picture.

Edge has done the shaved head thing before and let me tell you, it ain't pretty. Some guys just can't and others shouldn't.

CHEZ BEZ said...

I'm one of the "can't and shouldn't" guys. I found that out a few years ago. ;)

BBLogan said...

Yeah... eventhough I'm not a big fan of Britney's music... I agree that we (the media) needs to cut her some slack. She's going through some things that the average person would struggle with... now add constant cameras, obsessed fans and tabloid "news" to that... I might shave my head, too. Britney probably craves normalcy... I think I would if I were her.

In fact... I'll shave Clocky's head in support of her. Heh. Well... we'll just pretend that that's what we're doing.


Heidi said...

i think she's beautiful with the shaved head.

in my world, the zen part, it's considered a good thing to shave the head. it's what one does when one becomes a monk. we call it leaving home.

i saw one photo where she has this beautiful smile. i think she's trying to leave home in her own way. she's marking a right of passage, finding a new direction.

why does this necessarily mean she's "crying for help" or she's "hit bottom"? poor woman, everybody's always in her business.

she has a good champion in you, chezbez.