Friday, February 09, 2007

Love is a Mixtape

I was well on my way through Adam Gopnik's latest when Love is a Mixtape arrived at the library for me. Even though Gopnik is due back at the library sooner and it makes more sense to attack the rest of his words first, I just can't get enough of Rob Sheffield's tribute to the music that he and I both grew up on.

Of course, the heart of his book will break your fucking heart. It's no spoiler that he is writing about his relationship with his beautiful wife who died young and only five years into marriage. But the whole thing is told, the story of their life together, with the music that I love as their soundtrack.

It's very possible that I am doing it no justice in describing it at all. Rob Sheffield is a writer/editor for Rolling Stone and his telling of his years with the love of his life is just the most beautiful thing for him to share. Knowing her fate as I read my way through just seems to make me angry. It's the painful reminder I guess that life is fleeting. He didn't know that fate, but he paid attention enough to remember the most beautiful things to write about her.

It's a great book if only for his references to all of those great bands that he (and I) grew up with. But it also hits home with that extra reminder to pay attention to those who we could miss later and when we least expect it.

Feel free to share any good mixtape thoughts or stories in the comments below.

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mapgirl said...

Thanks for pointing me toward that book -- I can't wait to check it out.

Ah, the lure of and joy of the mixtape.

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