Saturday, February 17, 2007


Three days and nights. No one's employee. No one's parent. Not even anyone's buddy. ('Cause you never know when a buddy will ask you to help him move.)

Just a few of Earth's rotations and no responsibilities to anyone, except... my lovely and sexy wife. Massages and scented candles. Nice talk and sweet nothings. Nothing but the love of my life and lots of time on our hands.

And then we can happily get back to too many toys on the kids' floors and too many bosses requiring us to actually work for a living.

Or we could just win the Powerball...

I guess I could spare a buck. Just in case.


Milla said...

I just now realized how funny the first two lines of this post are.... ;)

CHEZ BEZ said...

We'll see you at eleven tomorrow morning with the van. Or whatever time you need. ;)