Saturday, February 03, 2007

Introducing Joss Stone

I can't wait for the new Joss Stone. I first heard her as a young 15 year old performing for KCRW's popular Morning Becomes Eclectic (watch it here) four years ago and I was stunned at the rich, mature and soulful voice coming from that cherub faced British blond teen. On March 20, she'll release Introducing Joss Stone on Virgin Records. No covers, only her words.

I've heard two tracks. So far, pretty cool. "Tell Me 'Bout It" (hear here) is the stronger of the two. Musically, it reminds me of the Elvis Presley 2002 remix for "A Little Less Conversation." It's a bit simple but it does move. More importantly, her voice shines in typically strong and wonderful form. Gone is the element of surprise ("That voice? From that young girl?"), but it stands firm and impressive still.

The second track I've heard doesn't move me as much. Rapper Common guests on "Tell Me What We Gonna Do" (hear here) and the groove is good, but it sounds like a song I've heard a million times before as the credits roll for a typical Save The Last Dance starring Julia Stiles-kind of movie. It's good enough, but I hurried back to "Tell Me 'Bout It" for a few more listens as soon as it ended.

Here's hoping for a very good overall record by Joss. Her love for the soul music that has preceded her by generations is obvious and her respectful approach to the blending of sounds old and new is heartwarming for a listener like me. It's gonna be a Joss Stone kind of day around my house today.



newscoma said...

I loved her cover of the White Stripes song.
I am a star in my car when I sing it.
"Fell in love with a boy."
I like the Stripes version as well. I thought about you Friday night when we were all listening to Waits at a party.
You came to mind.

CHEZ BEZ said...

Sounds like a nice party. And I love her White Stripes cover, too. So many people do covers and just end up sounding like karaoke singers. She was one of the good artists who took a great song, and wasn't afraid to change it to suit her style. As you and I know, it worked big time.


Anonymous said...

you can listen to the whole album online at