Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pacman? Britney? Brilliant!!

Here in Nashville, we have the Tennessee Titans version of Miss Britney Spears. Not exactly wholesome, but always getting into messes where things may or may not be his fault - Mr. Adam "Pacman" Jones. It's always nightclubs and angry women or nightclubs and angry bullets. The only problem I've ever had at clubs is getting the bartender to notice me when my drink was dry. I was a twenty-something knucklehead once, too, but unlike Pacman (and Britney), I didn't have the notoriety or fame to find my dumb decisions displayed on the morning news the next day.

Anyway - and here's what I'd like to see - I think that these two should just accept the fact that nothing they do will go unnoticed and just play that to their advantages. Picture it: Pacman and Britney on The Amazing Race. Let's just make it a show. Maybe Pacman checks Britney out of rehab and they hop into the Little Miss Sunshine VW bus and travel across the country. Oh, how I'd love to watch that. If trouble and cameras are going to follow them around anyway, they may as well get paid for it.

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britjeanspears said...

I hope she recovers soon