Friday, February 23, 2007

What's Better Than A Movie?

A movie review by Pulitzer-prize winning reviewer Stephen Hunter.
Carrey's 'Number 23': Fuzzy Math -- and Moviemaking

"I wonder what the crusty old studio boss Sam Goldwyn would have said to Jim Carrey about the script for "The Number 23." I think it might have gone . . . something like this:

"What, are you nuts? Kid, whatsa matter with you? What we need is some nice, fresh new cliches. This cliche is too old. Guy thinks he may have murdered a chick and may soon murder his wife. But he don't know? Who wrote that, a dumb genius? You're funny, kid. You do that thing with your arms all twisty and make your face go goo-goo like pudding, and wear that funny hair!"

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