Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Anyone watch Hotel Babylon?

Crazy hotel worker that I am, I'm a bit intrigued about this article about the new fictional drama, Hotel Babylon.
"Imagine yourself living in a world where everything works, everything shines, everything is where it should be," says Charlie (Max Beesley), the narrator-star of the series Hotel Babylon, newly imported by BBC America. "Well, you can — you've just got to move into a hotel."
How about the more true to live docu-series Welcome to the Parker on Bravo?


chrisyub said...

Friend of Sista's and I am loving Welcome to the Parker!

chez béz said...

Thanks. I'll check it out tonight. ;)

Beth said...

Damn! I forgot to watch that the other night. Wonder if it's On Demand'ed.

chez béz said...

Hi Beth. I watched the premiere on OnDemand last night. Other than teasers, that's all that they had.

I liked it and will try to watch it as often as I can.