Saturday, August 18, 2007

This one's for the Nashville bloggers

While I'm parking cars for free on my last day at the hotel, local bloggers are talking and laughing at Blackstone Brewery & Pub. Oh, the envy in me! I bet they had the Nut Brown Ale, too.

For the low cost - free - of one click (blog pic on the left, profile pic on the right), you'll see two extraordinarily talented and way beautiful people who were probably imbibing and most certainly talking, laughing, and having an overall good time at tonight's humble little get-together.

I see from Music City Bloggers that I missed out on hanging with quite the gathering of my personal heroes. The list includes, but is not limited to, the following:
  • Bad Bad Ivy - I feel some kind of cool connection with her. We're both parents and we're both broker than we deserve, but somehow we're gonna make it.
  • Kate O - The first time I saw her, she was riding by on a bicycle downtown. I had my camera with me and took her picture as she sped off up 1st Ave. North. What am I? Paparazzi? Anyway, she didn't seem to mind because she kindly invited me to her Porch Party recently. I've never known a cuter, more gracious host. She's as kind as she is beautiful.
  • Tiny Cat Pants - I want her smarts. I want her talent. I want to find out that I have a play in me and watch it performed by talented actors. I want my blog to be as interesting and funny as hers. Tiny Dog Pants, maybe? Maybe?
  • presto change-o! - From Tiny Cat Pants to Lotsa Cat Pics, the mighty Jeffraham is a blogger I have yet to meet. If it's true that when you take someone's picture, you take a bit of their soul, I'd hazard to guess that there are some pretty soulless kitties in his abode.
  • GingerSnaps - I'm proud to know her. The work she does is the work of good people. I hope to hang out with her more often when I have the time. Oh, and I once made the mistake of suggesting she make a turn she didn't want to make when I was a passenger in her car. I won't make that mistake again. ;)
  • Klinde - Proving that all bloggers are not the shy and introverted types, she describes herself as a rambler. Well, there are good ramblers and there are bad ramblers. She's one of the good ones. I love listening to her talk.
  • Newscoma - She loves Tom Waits. And thus, I love her. If I've seen a warmer, more friendly smile recently, I don't know when. The first time I ever saw her, before either of us knew who the other was, she smiled and waved at me from her truck. If she ever needs anything that I can help her with, it's hers. Just like that.
  • Grace - Ever be hanging out with a bunch of people you know and you're having a relaxed time drinking and talking about whatever, and then someone shows up who is just so pretty that you forget how to talk? That's all I'm sayin' about that. Anyway, I always look forward to what she writes. The more she writes about looking for love and the dating scene in my town, the more I love that I am married and don't have to deal with any of that madness anymore. I'm rooting for her, from way over here in calm, cool domesticity.
One thought as I look at the above links. I know it's not a complete list of those who came out to play, but still. One dude? One very lucky dude? Jeffraham and all of those cool, lovers-of-words women? If I was there, I'd just be known as "stupid smile guy."

A little research on my part and I just found out that John "My Hero" Hutcheson was also at Blackstone tonight. A little known fact about me that only John might care about? I share a birthday with Keith Richards.

Rock on, Nashville bloggers. I'm glad to know ya.

(This post was written without the benefit of fact-checking or proof-reading and it probably shows. I'm cool with that.)


'Coma said...

I wish you could have been there,
Short and Fat even showed up.

Kate O' said...

Aw, Bez, you're a doll. Thanks for the kind words. Sure wish you could have been there!

john h said...

You're way too kind. The hero bit is backwards...YOU are the hero, and you get beaucoup bonus points for that birthday. I'm not worthy!!

GingerSnaps said...

I wish you could've been there!!!

I forgot all about "Car Talk"...ahahahaha! ah, memories...

Grace said...

You are way too sweet. :-)

I'm blushing. Thank you.

Wish you could've come!

Rachel said...

Sorry you couldn't make it - I don't think we've met in person yet!

Ivy said...

Awww, I hate that you weren't there, man. Next time, man, next time.

Klinde said...

Wish you and your lovely bride could have joined us.... However, since I am so shy (snort) I do not know if I would have been able to actually chat....