Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lesson #1: Never Trust A Man

I forget what we were talking about, but I do remember carrying her in my arms to the kitchen on the way to make lunch when I said, "Daddy will always keep you safe."

I then gently sat her upon the kitchen counter, opened the cabinet door, and accidentally smacked the side of her head with it. Oops.

I totally deserved the look she gave me.


Klinde said...

Karma is such a bitch. I know this from personal experience.

Beth said...


At least she's learning the important lessons early.

The Middle Child said...

These things happen.



p.s. Why do I always get the word verification that is like a gazillion letters long?

Mari said...

Oh my gosh! Just last night, I let my daughter (2 years old) walk on the half wall at the YMCA. I left her alone for less than a minute to throw away some trash. She fell on her forehead. There is even a mark to memorialize my bad parenting.