Monday, August 13, 2007

Coldplay karaoke crooner coldcocked*

*OK, maybe not actually coldcocked, just pushed, but I'm a sucker for alliteration.

A man was out with friends in a Seattle area bar Thursday night and decided to take the stage for a karaoke performance of Coldplay's "Yellow." Only three words in, an obnoxious woman expressed her distaste for both the song and his singing and attacked the singer. It took three people to escort her outside and she was finally taken away in handcuffs after hitting the bartender twice and head-butting an off-duty police officer.

Bar records indicate that she only had one shot of Jagermeister. That's all it takes, I suppose. I've sworn off the stuff after my own long ago Jager-fueled night of embarrassing activities. The arrested Coldplay-hater was interviewed the following day and had little more than this to say: "I remember watching people sing karaoke. And then the cops kicked my ass."

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Beth said...

Damn, I know Chris Martin can get a bit irritating, but that's over the top. Jagermeister is scarier than I remember.