Sunday, August 12, 2007

That's ABQ for us industry people...Albuquerque to you.*

Mere minutes after I published my Mother Love Bone post, I got a nice comment from a very cool sounding blogger from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

So far, after perusing her blog a bit, I have learned the following:
  • She loves Tom Waits.
  • Her favorite Bukowski book was the first one I ever bought. Women.
  • Her man has a scooter. (I want a scooter.)
Adding her to the blogroll and Reader now. She had me at "loves Tom Waits."

*I train for my new job next week. For that job, I have to memorize the airport codes of every city the company flies to.


Anonymous said...

New job? New JOB? You just slip that in? Give up the details!

chez béz said...

Anon: Who are you? I'm being a bit vague on the blog but I'll be happy to email you the details.

Thanks for stopping by.

Mack said...

Oh man, do I miss ABQ. Lived there for years, still call it home. Run from anyone who calls it "apple-cookie."

Friendliest people, best weather, best food, snow-skiing, balloon festival...

I'm officially homesick.

john h said...

Congrats on the new job. Can you blog from other points beyond BNA?

Nashville Knucklehead said...

My favorite is BOB.

I had my BOB luggage tag stuck up by my desk for years, just to remind myself that I went there.

Leesa said...

So excited for you :)

'Coma said...

A. I want a scooter. SQ won't let me get one 'cause she says I'll kill myself. (You've met me, I have very little sense, fashion or otherwise) but I like to lie to myself and say I have swagger.
B. NEW JOB!!!!! NEW JOB!!!!! I'm so happy for you and Paige. This is so wonderful.
C. Do they have one for me. :)