Monday, August 27, 2007

"The show is the least important part of the day," reassured the aritist's manager.

Shawn Colvin was at the end of her rope several years back while touring in promotion of a recent album. Concerts each night, radio interviews and other promotional activities each morning and afternoon, and a bit of sleep between tour stops, she called her manager desperately confiding to him that due to exhaustion, she didn't think she could play that night's show. That was his reply, and she couldn't disagree with him more.

In other news, hip-hop artists love the promotion they get by being on DJ's mixtapes. It's invaluable. Too bad.


Beth said...

Ah, Shawn. Love her. Seen her many times. Would love to be her buddy.

chez béz said...

Beth: Me too. I'll look for the interview that I took that from and send it your way tonight. I've never seen her, but I'd love to.