Friday, August 31, 2007

Here Comes Another Season Of My Wife Cussing At The TV

My wife is a Georgia Bulldog fan. She's a sweet and shy kindergarten teacher, but you wouldn't know it to watch her watch college football. Evidence of her passion for her Bulldogs can be found in posts and comments between she and local blogger, Big Orange Michael. I'm a fan of the game as well and loyally follow my Vanderbilt Commodores, but I'm pretty laid back about wins and losses. Regarding Paige, I've found it best to give her some space and keep my mouth shut when it comes to Georgia football games.

The good news is that we can all sit safely on the sidelines and watch she and Big Orange Michael talk their smack (for starters: here, and here) about their teams. This could make for some fun entertainment.

(My apologies to Big Orange Michael for the picture. But I do have to live with her.)


newton said...

here's one for you:

how do you get a georgia grad to get off your front porch?

you pay him for the pizza!

wait, i've got more!

what do you get when you put a dozen georgia fans in the same room?

a full set of teeth!

Paige said...

Newton darling. Us UGA fans have been saying those very same ones about UT for years and years. You need to find some new ones. ;-)

Ron said...

Kentucky might suck out loud (at least we're not Ole Miss!), but at least we don't wear jorts!