Sunday, September 09, 2007

Britney Spears And My Thoughts On Her

As a person with a blog, I suppose I am contractually obligated to share my thoughts on Britney Spears after her *yawn* "comeback performance" at the MTV VMAs. Never mind that I didn't see the performance, I have an opinion to share.

I've read criticisms here and there that she only gave a half-hearted attempt at lip-synching her 3-minute song. Well, everyone lip-synchs these days (and those days, too, for that matter), so why go to the extra bother to fake it when the world expects a fakery from the start? Just because some people won't "phone it in" doesn't mean that she shouldn't. Incidentally, I've heard it said that jazz is all about the notes you don't play. Maybe we've got Britney all wrong. While she might be yesterday's pop princess, Ms. Spears might actually be the latest phenom in the jazz world, bringing to the performance no notes whatsoever. Britney Spears is the new Miles Davis. (Don't worry. Even I hate myself for that previous sentence.)

Associated Press called her "out of shape." TMZ said that Britney aimed to bring the house down, but "she just looked like a house." Please. I've seen pictures. The girl looks pretty fine to me. Admittedly, she's not the Brit of the "Toxic" days, but she doesn't look bad at all for a mother of two...or even a mother of one...or even an average woman in her twenties.

And furthermore...

(Sorry. I interrupt this post to bring you the following announcement: I just saw the clip. I can't defend the performance any longer. She looked sleepy and bored. I think the person who was the least excited about Britney's comeback performance was Britney herself. What the heck was that? I didn't spend any money, didn't see it live, and still I feel ripped off. What did she take before she hit the stage? Cough medicine?

Brit needs to get serious about this or stay home and watch someone else perform who gives a damn. This wig-wearing, lip-synching, barely-dancing, has-been needs to watch Rocky III, get inspired by hearing "The Eye Of The Tiger," and work her ass off to win us over again. Britney, I'm the Adrian to your Rocky Balboa. I believe in you. Now stop making me look bad and work a little.)


Leesa said...

I didn't get to see the performance, but I've read about it.
Interesting to hear your take on it.
I guess I just expected it to turn out this way, doesn't seem she tries anymore. Sad.

siutou_amy said...


I just stumbled upon ur blog. I found your shift in comments after watching it pretty funny.

But yeah, it was pretty horrible... and I saw it live. lol' I just hope she puts her *hit together and steps it up. It's not even like I would buy her album, I have to admit that I used to enjoy watching her performances... I'm guilty! I confess!

Ron said...

She needs to lay off the booze and do a few bumps before she hits the stage so she can have some energy. Show me sparkle, Brit!

GingerSnaps said...

Britney, I'm the Adrian to your Rocky Balboa. I believe in you. Now stop making me look bad and work a little.)


That was classic.

The Middle Child said...

While I wasn't impressed with her performance, I did defend her when my boyfriend said "She's out of shape.." by replying "I think she looks pretty damn good for a mother of two!"

But ack! The performance SUCKED!

I was totally not impressed.

And then to hear Sara Silverman rip her and others in her little performance... that sucked for me too.