Saturday, September 22, 2007

Quiet Time (and all is well)

My wife is out of town right now and I took the weekend off to watch the kids. We've been having the big time, spending big chunks of the days at the playground and taking walks around the apartment complex. Across the street, there is a new housing development going up. Nothing more than huge piles of dirt right now, it looks not unlike the desert planet of Tatooine from Star Wars, a cool comparison that is not lost on the four-year-old Star Wars fan of the family.

I tried to get that rare night of eight hours of uninterrupted sleep last night to no avail. I tossed and turned in the bed a good four hours before my normal bedtime and finally gave up and came into the living room to watch TV. Usually it's blogs that own my quiet time at night, but I used last night to catch up on a few shows I've been enjoying of late.

DVDs borrowed from the library and watched in their entirety over the course of the last two days:
  • The Muppet Show: Season 2
  • Entourage: Season 1
  • Black Books: Season 1
Comcast On Demand caught me up on the following:
  • Hotel Babylon
  • Torchwood
Now it's back to the blogs while the kiddos sleep. Well, she naps and he watches Scooby-Doo for "quiet time."

Florida is battling Ole Miss on television early in the fourth with only a three point lead. Georgia travels to Alabama tonight for a contest that I am sure my wife will be following closely, whether or not anyone else at the wedding she is attending is scheduling its events with regard to kickoff time.

Off to read my newest issue of The New Yorker. Anthony Lane writes about Leica cameras. And I wish I was here.


Sam Davidson said...

If you have On Demand, you should check out the kids karaoke, if the kids like to sing.

Beth said...

How is "Hotel Babylon"? I keep meaning to tune in -- but I'm trying to stay away from the TV these days.

And I wish I was there, too.

chez béz said...

sam: Thanks. I'll check it out.

beth: I like Hotel Babylon a lot. I don't know how people who don't work in the industry will like it, but it really "gets it right."

Hurple said...

Torchwood would be so much better if it would focus on the "intercepting alien technology" aspect rather than the inter-agency "soap opera" aspects of the show.

Oh, and if they hadn't cut the balls off Captain Jack Harkness. That character was soooo much better as a companion on Doctor Who.