Thursday, September 20, 2007

Daddy Blogger: Day One is upon us.

I'm off tomorrow (Thursday). And the next day. And the day after that. And the day after that one.

I wasn't fired. I just have four days off in a row. My beautiful wife is going to Georgia this weekend for a wedding and I am staying home to watch the kids. I've got ten bucks, a car whose front, right tire has developed a slow leak, and...that's about it. But that won't stop us from having the big time. We've got a nice library just around the corner and an excellent playground next to said library.

I've got a camera to document the fun and a couch to rescue me from extreme exhaustion when the sun goes down. I just hope I don't look too scary by Sunday night. I won't be shaving my face since I won't have to shave my face. Between Day One of not shaving my face and Day Four of not shaving my face, there's a big difference. Between Day Four of not shaving my face and Day Twenty of not shaving my face, there's not much difference at all. So much for the full beard. But I should have the Just Broke Out Of Prison And Am Hiding From The Law look down good.

I just polished off the last of the Guinness from the fridge. If Pops drops in this weekend, there should be an infusion of Sam Adams beers. Two per night will do just fine. With the kiddos in bed by nine each night, Comcast On Demand's BBC America offerings on the television ("telly" for you hardcore BBC-ers), and my stinky feet on the couch, this has the makings of a wonderful weekend of leisure. (When my wife's out of town, I usually just sleep on the couch. That bed is just way too big for one person.)

So, fellow bloggers of Nashville, what are y'all doing this weekend?


introverted one said...

Sounds like the makings of a wonderful weekend of daddy/kid time!

I'm off too but the family is headed to Asheville/Black Mtn. Initially to go to the Brewgrass Festival (sold out, arrrgh) and hang out with dear friends.

Gonna drink some good B.M.Bakery coffee and some fine Highland Brewing Co. brews.

The Middle Child said...

If I only had ten dollar and four days off I'd take my son to my moms where we could fly kites, play in the kiddie pool, ride the four wheeler, and be spoiled by Grandma (both of us!).
I'm sure you guys will have a fantabulous weekend! I'm sure you'll miss Mommy while she's gone, but just think of how happy you'll be when you see her again!


newton said...

in order?

house work, bike ride, preds game, church, bike ride, movie nite(?). apply beer liberally.

Klinde said...

Sigh, I am going to be the token female with a herd of native Germans. I won’t know what the heck anyone is saying…. All I have to remember is “eine bier, bitte” and I am all set. Then I won’t care what language everyone is speaking….

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fabu weekend.
I'll be having lunch with a friend from high school that I've kept up with (Go Hume-Fogg Knights!), and then attending the 18th birthday party of a special young lady. On Sunday, I'll be catching up on errands/cleaning and job searching.

Leesa said...

I bet no matter what, you will make it fun :)