Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tales From The Old Guy

She was telling me this:
I was at Sam's last night.
I was the only woman there.
This skanky looking guy started hitting on me
while my boyfriend was at the bar getting us another beer.
It was only after that last part that I figured out that she was talking about Sam's, the popular bar in Hillsboro Village, and not Sam's, the wholesale club.

She's in her early-20s. I'm 37 and I can't remember the last time I was at the bar, but I can easily recall the last time I shopped the aisles of Sam's, filling the cart with so many economy-sized groceries.

These kids these days are going to have to start clarifying these things before they start talking to me.


Melissa said...

Oddly enough I was at that bar last night too.

Leesa said...

Funny :)

Redhead Editor said...

I thought the same thing and wondered how she could possibly be the only woman at Sam's. Women love shopping for large quantities! And then I thought, "Sam's has a bar? Great news."