Monday, September 03, 2007

What's Your Labor Day Gonna Be Like?

Me? Home alone.



Newscoma said...

As always.

chez béz said...


Ron said...

Home alone, drinking beer and watching tennis.

Webbspun Ideas said...

I goofed around, ate alot, played with the horses and overall just relaxed and enjoyed life.

Heidi said...

i had the day off, but if it had been a work day, i would have the holiday. it's nice working for a library, we get all the holidays.

i slept in. walked to the coffee shop for beans. tipped extra big. made coffee for my sweetie. we watched the tail end of the dukes of hazzard movie. i forgot that existed. it was fun to laugh at. i loved that willie nelson was uncle jesse and that he smoked up the smoke house with the guvner alongside. i had a crush on luke duke when i was a kid.

i took a walk and listened to a book.

i grilled corn on the cob. yum. corn on the cob, that sure is a labor day sorta thing isn't it?