Sunday, September 09, 2007


From The New York Times:
Police and court files indicate that Mr. Craig’s case may have been handled more
harshly than some of the others. For instance, he alone among the 40 men
arrested was charged with both disorderly conduct and interference with privacy.
Interference with privacy? One can be charged with that? The people around me better shape up. Everytime I go to the bathroom, all I get is "interference with privacy." At home, as soon as I close the bathroom door, the kids come barging in asking me questions or telling on one another. At work, no sooner than I turn the latch on the stall door, than I get a call on my Nextel requesting my presence in the main lobby.

Heck, that should be the one place in life where we should be assured of a bit of quiet time. I only want five minutes of peace and a good magazine. No kids whining, no boss calling, and certainly no neighbor tapping his foot. Thank you.


Leesa said...

I have kittens pushing their feet under the door.. boy are they in trouble now ;)

GingerSnaps said...


I swear that Amanda has a built in sensor for when mommy sits on the potty.

She immediately comes in and begins interrogating me on everything from where her slippers are to the meaning of life.

All I can say is...
"Can't mommy poop in peace?"