Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fisher's Mind

Is anyone more afraid of Peyton Manning than Coach Jeff Fisher? We hardly ever punt against the Colts. It's always punt fakes and go for it on 4th down when we play them. Watching that quick touchdown pass by Peyton as I typed this, I don't blame him.

I like Sprint's new ad, called "Manning's Mind," where he stands in a Salvador Dali-esque environment facing various threats and illusions (receiver Harrison is literally being surrounded by dolphins). I wonder if Fisher has nightmares like this, with Peyton Manning standing behind every door. Jeff opens one, Peyton throws a touchdown. Jeff opens another one, Peyton throws another touchdown.

Current score: Colts 6 (blocked extra point), Titans 3
We can't be settling for field goals against these guys.

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Anonymous said...

Being a HUGE Peyton fan, starting with his college days at UT, I love all of his commercials. Sorry, but I loved the outcome of the game, too. However, it was touch and go there at the end! I'm just glad I got to see it!