Friday, July 20, 2007

Are You Ready For Some Women's Football?

My beautiful and sexy football-loving wife used to play the game back in her high school days. We Nashvillians have our own National Women's Football Association team. The Nashville Dream is comprised of women just like my wife; they are moms, they have regular jobs, and they eat, sleep, and dream football. I love football too, but while I just watch it on TV, they get down to that 3-point stance and play it. Local attendance has been lackluster at best and I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't even know that we had a team until now. Not only do we have a team, our city is playing host to the NWFA World Championship game.

I have one friend who refuses to take women playing football seriously. He sees it as a gimmick - and not a smart gimmick at that. "With all of the gear, pads, and helmets, you can't even tell that they're girls," he says. This is no gimmick sport and what he said proves that. If it was a gimmick, then they'd be playing flag football in bikinis. These women work full-time jobs, most have college degrees, and many are moms as well. On top of their busy schedules, they make time for practice as many as three times a week and play their hearts out each weekend.

The undefeated Pittsburgh Passion will take on the Columbus Comets this Saturday at White's Creek High School. I had the pleasure last night to meet so many of the tough and cool (and sexy as hell!) Pittsburgh Passion players and am rooting for them in Saturday's championship game.

Go Passion!

In the news:

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