Saturday, July 28, 2007

"(Looking For) The Heart of Saturday Night"

While wondering what in the world to do this weekend with my family on my unexpected but highly appreciated weekend off, I remembered that Grace at Graceless in Love had made mention of Saturday night ballroom dancing lessons at Centennial Park all summer long. Her account of one such recent evening was tender and lovely and it occurs to me that my wife would love to take part in such a romantic (and free) event such as this.

If she'll do me the honor of saying yes, we plan on dancing (me learning, she mesmerizing me with her beauty) together Saturday night, with our two young children right there with us.

As many know, we operate on the lower end of the household income scale. We get by, but it's always tight. And with that tightness and perpetual tiredness from working and parenting, we sometimes forget to smile. We are in love, but we don't often do the things that lovers do. That said, a quote from the beautiful Paris, Je T'Aime comes to mind, "By pretending to be a man in love, he became a man in love." I don't have to pretend, but I could make it more obvious. What better way than by dancing with my wife?

Anyway, I'm of the opinion that we look good together.

Care to join us?

Centennial Park Big Band Dance
Free dancing in Centennial Park! Come out and enjoy live music and dancing.

7:00 Lessons
7:30-10:00 Music and Dancing
Contact : 862-8424


introverted one said...

Nicely said!

That's how we roll at my house too; working, parenting, pregnant(at least my wife is), tired, broke, in love.

You guys rock!

sistasmiff said...

If I was in town tonight, I'd come! How often do they do this?

Y'all have fun.

Ivy said...

Ahh, that sounds like so much fun, I wish I could go!

Grace said...

I'll see ya there!!!! :-) (I might be tipsy though... I'm going to the Brewer's Fest before hand....) :-)

Melissa said...

I am thinking about going, but likely I will just stay in tonight as I have an early morning and I'm a loser. lol

The Middle Child said...

You two look great together!!! Wish I lived closer, we'd dance all night long!