Friday, July 20, 2007

Arguments From The Back Seat

Joshua (age 4) to Ari (age 2 1/2):
"When I turn 5, you can't come to my birthday party!"
He'll turn 5 next June. Good luck remembering that grudge for the next 11 months.

And later during the drive:
He: I was mad at you first!

She: No, I was mad at you first!

He: You're wrong! I was mad at you first!
It continued from there. I don't know who won that one. I tuned them out like the good parent I am. I will survive.


Beth said...

How do you keep from laughing out loud?

chez béz said...

We only barely managed to suppress the laughter that time. It's a treat to be an audience to their personalities.

Thanks for stopping by.


Bekah said...


My son has no other to argue with in the back seat so he entertains himself or talks to me about whether or not I think Beast Boy (From the cartoon Teen Titans) is sexy or not.

Go figure!!

Melissa said...

I was mad first for sure.