Monday, July 23, 2007

Bring Back The Bards

A family comes home to Hotel Chelsea:
"Joe, Casebell and Tosh booked their room back in April before the despicable hostile takeover of the hotel. In other words, the reason they wanted to come to the hotel was for the Bard family and the Chelsea Hotel family, not for the 99 cent Internet room specials that BD is promoting to drive up the short-term occupancy rate." ...more>>

Ed Hamilton, the man behind Living with Legends: Hotel Chelsea Blog, keeps us abreast of the Stanley Bard situation. Ed is a twelve year resident of the Chelsea and knows just what we are losing as the longtime manager and heart of the hotel has now been relegated to the sidelines by its board.

Hotel Chelsea, now managed by BD Hotels. Ugh.

That famous Hotel Chelsea lobby. Decorated by artists and residents, sometimes in lieu of rent money. The Chelsea is - er, was - a friend to the artist.

(These last three photos are by Jen C. Her Hotel Chelsea flickr set is here.)

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