Monday, July 16, 2007

Suppose You're Innocent

Night court to go live on 'Net

Nashville officials have developed plans for an Internet site that will show live video of people during what is arguably their worst moment: when they're booked into the city jail.

The live Internet feeds are expected to start within weeks, officials said, giving a worldwide audience 24-hour access to Metro's night court. ...more>>

Granted, night court has always been open to the public, but to broadcast the bookings online is a whole different animal.

Your thoughts?


Sharon Cobb said...

I just finished reading about Night Court.
It can be kind of fun, in a weird sort of way, to go down there and watch it live.
I don't know how it will translate to Internet.
It will make it easier for journalists, though.

Jon said...

I just hope they hire a wacky amateur magician for a judge, a sex maniac for a prosecuting attorney, and a pair of wisecracking bailiffs. Much hilarity will ensue.

onward and upward! said...

Oh Gag. Another type of "reality" show. Right up there with Cops, which I refuse to watch.

Do we really need to make fun of other people? Especially the truly fucked up and tragic? I've got no stomach for it because there's no sport in it. It's like getting your dog drunk and watching it teeter around and bump into things (I've never done that, but many people thinks its great fun to watch).

I'd rather see a show that demonstrates people at their best, what humanity is capable of. That being said, I also really hate T.V. in general (except for rented movies) and avoid it at all costs. I know, I'm weird that way.

Getting off the soapbox now ...

Beth said...

I used to go to night court when I was in journalism school. It can be quite fascinating ... and it can be dull. Not sure my clicker will pause on the show.

Jay said...

Just as there is no such thing as a bad episode of Cops, this trainwreck will always be worth watching.

'Coma said...

I loved night court except the time I was there on the other side.

Just kidding, but you made a very good point.
Sending the good stuff to you and yours.

jag said...

Man, I haven't been to night court since, um, 1991? I'm old.