Monday, July 02, 2007

High Class in Hermitage, TN

Cheese and wine for some, Cheez-its and white zin for me. Classical music plays in the background, but I'm about to find last week's I Like Songs radio show on the WRVU archives.

Big, cool news from The Eyeball Kid: Another mp3 from Healing The Divide has been released. It's Tom Waits performing "Way Down In The Hole" live with Kronos Quartet. It sounds fantastic. One of my favorite covers of Tom Waits' material is bluesman John Campbell's rendition of that song. He's since passed away and his True Believer is long since out of print, but put it on your list and pick it up cheap if you can find it used. It's stark, chilling, and mean and serious as hell.

New to the iPod:
  • Area Code 615 - Area Code 615 & Trip In The Country (My step-dad played banjo on these two masterpieces by Nashville's top-notch studio musicians.)
  • The God Star Social - A Queer Summer Sultry EP (My way talented brother played guitar and bass on this.)
  • Miles Davis - Nefertiti (I don't know anyone who played on this.)


Melissa said...

Those are my kind of items. I love it. lol.

I saw you before so it's almost like meeting haha. right?

Let me know when the next blogger meeting thing is, I would like to come.

Ginger said...

The pic is like...a poor man's "Still Life"

Pure artistry.