Monday, July 16, 2007

Your favorite band T-shirts

The hot, hot, hot Whitney over at USA Today's Pop Candy blog asked her readers what their favorite band t-shirts were. Click to her site to see readers sharing pics of themselves wearing shirts should never be thrown out, regardless of the opinion of spouses and significant others.

I'm particularly envious of the wearer of a Bruce Springsteen Greetings from Asbury Park tee. I didn't think to participate and submit my own photo to Pop Candy, but I'll share here my own personal favorite band t-shirt. The best club show I ever saw was Peter Himmelman at Nashville's now defunct Ace of Clubs in 1994. Bob Reeves, manager of the club, managed to get a shirt from the show for me and gave it to me the following day. (Man, how I miss rock 'n' roll connections.) It used to have sleeves, but now is without and is ripped all to hell. No more machine washing for this piece of "rockabilia." My wife is kind enough not to throw it out and I am kind enough not to wear it out in public anymore.

Peter Himmelman - Skin:

Speaking of rock 'n roll and t-shirts, I saw a very cool man wearing a cool t-shirt the other night endorsing "Keith Richards for President." Wouldn't that be interesting?


'Coma said...

I love that T-shirt.
And I dug the KR for pres.
Very find thought indeed.

Melissa said...

My favorite band t-shirt has nothing to do with my favorite band. It's one I stole from my dad. A Crowded House t-shirt. I love it. I might put it up later.

Snow White said...

Great picture. I don't have any concert T's, but I do have a couple of holey ones... gentle wash, no dryer!

And KR for pres? Couldn't be any worse! Have a great day!

chez béz said...

Melissa: Crowded House? Your dad might be quite cool.

Snow: I totally agree.

Beth said...

I want a Keef for Prez T-shirt!

My favorite concert T-shirt is an old, old R.E.M. shirt, from about 1985. The seams are coming apart, so it's worn only on special days.