Monday, July 23, 2007

Once A Waiter...

I subscribe to just over a hundred blogs in my feed burner. There used to be so many more, but they just became overwhelming some nights and I had to "trim the fat," as they say. Each night, I come home from work and scroll the day's posts. When there are many, I am guilty of skimming through the words of even some of my favorite writers. There are some, however, that I will never skim. Each sentence is constructed with such care that I would be denying myself sure pleasure by skipping around just to save time. One of those writers is the talented author of Waiter Rant.

As is obvious by the title, he used to be a waiter. Now he's living the dream of most bloggers and putting the finishing touches on a book due out in the summer of '08. Here's an excerpt from - and a link to - his latest:
It’s a perfect Friday evening and I’m sitting at wrought iron table outside CafĂ© American. Sitting across from me Beth and Celine, two of my former co-workers, are drinking Cosmopolitans and chattering away like schoolgirls. Hiding out of view behind a street corner is The Bistro. I deliberately avoided looking though its broad plate glass window as I walked by. I don’t need to see it anymore.

I take a long sip from my dirty martini. The sun is beginning to set. The evening breeze is soft on my cheek, like a woman’s breath as her lips travel to my mouth. I feel weird being around my old stomping grounds – like a spy behind enemy lines with instructions to blend in with the local population. The streets are thronged with people. My eyes scan the broad avenue for Claude. He’s nowhere to be found.

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