Tuesday, July 24, 2007


The fun people at Photojojo are talking about a thing called Smooshtacts. Take a photo of a friend with his or her face pressed firmly against a glass surface and then make it that friend's contact picture in your iPhone or whatever.

Here's a very good example of the results found at Photojojo:

I don't have a phone that stores pictures, but it was still fun for the kids and I to make smooshy faces against our sliding glass door.

Here are our results:


Melissa said...

the little one's is especially hilarious.

the other day i saw an iphone in person for the first time. a customer sat it on the counter while she paid, I wanted to ask her if I could play with it, but I refrained. lol

I made you blush in front of your wife. i love it. What did she think of it, my blog, not the blushing haha.

Bekah said...

That is way too cute!
My phone has picture ID, so when my bf calls it shows his pic.... I should do that with his pic!!!

Finn said...

Too cute! Maybe I'll try this...