Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Messages from a beach town

Someone I love was drunk-texting me last night. It started out fun and cute but quickly spiraled into something reading like a dying and lost explorer's last few journal entries.
"I'm drunk. U?"

"Way drunk now. Wish you were here."

"Really wish you were here!"

"Can barely sefe [sic] to text. LOL"

"Whole body numb."

"No more 4 me!"

"Brain gone."

"Good nite. Love u."


introverted one said...

I can't even drunk dial, let alone drunk talk. How does one even drunk text?!?

Beth said...

I believe that's from one of Shakespeare's sonnets, isn't it?

'Coma said...

I have issue texting sober.
Pretty impressive, if you ask me.

'Coma said...

issues, rather, and I'm not even drunk.