Friday, July 28, 2006

And The Sign Says...

Billy's Mini Market in Decatur, Alabama asks that you dress appropriately when stopping in for your convenient purchases. After seeing way too much underwear, they simply posted a sign:


Males: Pull up your pants where we do not see your underwear. Must have on shoes and shirt. No stomach showing or bad language.

Females: Pull your shirts down and cover your stomach. Must have shoes on and cover for bathing suits. No bad language.

We appreciate your cooperation and business. Thank you, Joann McNutt, owner.

I don't see any mention about long-haired freaky people, though. So the good boys from Five Man Electrical Band should be welcome. Or make that Tesla for you younger folks.

Rock on.


gnightgirl said...

I thought you made up the name McNutt. But no. They ARE McNutts!

Horse N. Buggy said...

And I say, AMEN! I am tired of guys refusing to buy pants that fit. I am also tired of seeing girls whose pants and shirt don't come anywhere close to meeting. It doesn't matter how thin these girls are, if they wear their hip-huggers too tight, a roll of skin is going to form above their jeans. It's not attractive, even on size 6 women.