Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Drunken Pictures Of Me...

...will not be seen here.

But after 1 pint and 8 fl oz of lovely Heineken, this would be a good time to know me at my least guarded.

The house still hasn't closed, but we have been told by our realtor that it should happen sometime next week. I ain't buyin' it. But I will be pleased to be proven wrong. Either it will close next week or I will need ten more days like today's workday to pay both rent AND mortgage at the end of the month.

Alligator Cove will open at the local zoo
on July 22. They will be where the otters used to be. I, personally, will miss the otters. But if you were an otter and an alligator wanted to live where you do, wouldn't you relocate, too?

Is it just the accent? I was adamant that I would not like the new Rocketboom girl. I was going to be loyal only to Amanda. Nevermind. I like the new girl. I haven't yet put her name to memory, but Rocketboom with the new girl rocks, dare I say, slightly better than Rocketboom with Amanda.

I'm sure whatever Amanda does next will be cool, too. Assuming the world doesn't end first.


BBLogan said...

YAY! Aligator Cove is going to open this weekend... I know a singer and a drummer who will be making an appearance as well. **wink**

Anonymous said...

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