Wednesday, July 19, 2006

How Gray Is Your Record Store?

New Yorker music critic, Sasha Frere-Jones, links to a great New York Times piece called The Graying of the Record Store.

I worked for several years in one and my years there define who I am more than any other occupational experience I have had since. I wasn't the sullen one or the one who lived to judge you based on your musical preference. In fact, in all of my years there, I never had a co-worker whom I would describe as "sullen." Some would judge you, of course. But so what? You were buying music that moved you and we were selling it. Fair transaction.

Give me a few days and I will do my best to write a bit about the beauty of those years for me. I'll leave you now with a few questions: What was your favorite workplace from your past? Why is it in your past? What is your dream job?


SistaSmiff said...

My favorite job, hands down, was my first job....Country Music Hall of Fame. Now, I would not still want to be guiding tourists through there today, but, my dream job would be something I could do something with all these facts and figures I have in my head and get paid for it.

Muffy said...

Personal shopper.

Or party planner.

Both jobs would be fantastic with an unlimited budget.

Hurple said...

Ah the memories of that little store:

"Like a light!"

Billy Burnette's discovery of the Fleetwood Mac box.

Free tickets to see the Tower of Power.


Zombie Man!

Hurple said...

Oh yeah... and I was sullen.

gnightgirl said...

I've only had 3 jobs my entire life, most of them in the same field (printing and publishing).

I can't say it was my favorite, but I worked a nightshift at a huge printing press in the early 80s. I was an innocent, drug-free little girl in the midst of a bunch of inky, stoned, perverts. It was like M*A*S*H, only with printers, not surgeons. Ha! And I was Radar O'Reilly.