Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Things To Say To Concert Goers When They Are Jerks

Note to self: Don't shout out requests for "Missing You" at the upcoming Tom Waits concert. "Missing You", of course, is a John Waite song. Way different artist there.

I say that because I just laughed out loud reading NashGirl's blog about a similar faux pas at a Ryan Adams concert. And I like Ryan Adams much more now as a result of how he handled an obnoxious attendee.

Here's the link, and here's the excerpt:
Probably artists get rude people all the time and return to the same venue or city over and over nevertheless. Good artists probably don't let that stuff get to them.
Lonnie was telling me about how he saw Ryan Adams at the Ryman last year and there was some jerk in the front row shouting "Summer of 69" over and over.
That, of course, is a Bryan Adams song.
So after he had enough of this incredibly rude person who thought he was being funny, Ryan Adams jumped down off the stage, walked up to him and handed him a wad of cash from his pocket and said, "There's your money back, now go home."
That's a good way to deal with rude audience members. And Ryan Adams is playing next week, so he clearly didn't let that one guy sour his impression of the whole city.

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