Thursday, July 13, 2006

Lucky Shirt? Check.

In less than 12 hours, I will be on a flight to Jacksonville, Florida to see my baby. She will meet me at the airport and we will enjoy the beauty of Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island. There will be no blogging from me for a week's time. There will only be relaxation and reflection. I will take it easy and I will take pictures. The only thing that is very important to me is that I wear my lucky shirt on the flight. It's been good to me.

I recall a beautiful May day in 2002, I put on my favorite blue button down shirt. A few hours later, I asked Paige if she would marry me. I must look good in blue because she said yes. On that day, it became officially known as my lucky shirt. In this shirt, all things are possible. In this shirt, I look good.

What's your lucky something?

Also, despite tough financial times, I am still committed to buying Tom Waits tickets. Well, I may just buy one. I don't mind going alone. I just want to watch him play. My concern is that I won't be able to find a computer Friday morning so that I can attempt a purchase. I may bring the laptop on vacation. If so, I still need to find an internet connection. My wife has been there a week and has not been able to get online anywhere. Searching online, I see that the Hampton Suites has free wifi. Wonder if I could just sit in their lobby and get on. This is important. Even more important than my lucky shirt.

More on Tom: So, news is that Keith Richards, Johnny Depp's inspiration for his Jack Sparrow, will play his father in the third installment of Pirates of the Caribbean. Wouldn't it be cool to see fellow musician and actor, Tom Waits, in a role as an aging pirate? I already know that the answer is yes. They are already friends and collaborators. It would be perfect.


Muffy said...

If there's one reason to see that movie, it's to see Keith Richards play Johnny Depp's dad.

We're playing quite a lot of Stones at our wedding... I need to add some Tom Waits too. Caruthers loves Tom Waits.

Have fun in Florida with your beautiful wife!!!

AWE said...

Hope you find some sand dollars. I think that is the island that I used to find them on.

Anonymous said...

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