Friday, July 28, 2006

Where In The World Is Happiness?

Q: Why is this fish smiling?

A: Because he's a lucky Finn.

According to the map in this link to The World Map of Happiness, the US ranks 23rd among the countries in the world. My Finnish friend at work moved here from a #6 ranking. And maybe nothing is rotten in Denmark afterall, as it resides at the top of the list.

With respect to the citizens who live near the bottom of this list, we need to remember that Hotel Rwanda was a great and important film, and while it was celebrated and awarded for its merits, people still suffer greatly in places like Rwanda and Burundi and most certainly Darfur. At the very least, we need to read about what is going on where people are mistreated. We need to keep ourselves informed, and that is the very least, indeed. We start by reading, and we then we write about what we read, and then we talk about what we learn. It is our responsibility to care about those who live a life seemingly without hope or help.

We can always start at home, too. Nashville Rescue Mission could always use volunteers or donations. Unlike in Las Vegas (Thanks, Sam), it's still legal to feed the homeless of Nashville. Before compassion is outlawed everywhere, let's do our part. The 23rd happiest nation may as well care.

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Sam Davidson said...

Excellent perspective. Thanks for writing.