Thursday, July 27, 2006

Apartment Living Suits Us Just Fine

On my first day off in nine days, the kids and I walked to the apartment pool to play. At our apartments, there is a beautiful pond which is quite large. Much to the delight of the children, there are a lot of ducks around the pond. Much to the delight of the ducks, we have a lot of bread that we will be happy to share.

This, of course, would be our little samurai swimmer. We're still teaching her how to swim. She's got the kicking part down but she thinks that the rest of it is just about looking cool and fierce.

This young man is all over the place. As long as he has his big green vest, he's got all of the confidence in the world. And this father loves to see both confidence and big fun working together for his cherub.

At our old house, we had no pool, we had no pond, and we had no ducks. We had unpaved streets and a backyard where no grass would grow. The grass in the front yard grew just fine and I got to cut it from time to time. I hate yard work. I don't understand those guys who look forward to the weekends so that they can manicure their lawns.

Here, I mow nothing. On a day off, I take a leisurely stroll down to the pool and have fun with my kids. There is a health club with a sauna and a jacuzzi as well. The smile on my face indicates simply that life is good here.

Now if we could just get a freaking break on the sale of our house.


Linda said...

You did SO have a pool! And you got it because you were jealous of ours!!! :)

dailydiablogger said...

Kathy T. of the LaVergne blog is also a real estate agent and she sells in Nashville as well. You've probably already signed a contract but if that falls through you should check her out. Lovely family by the way. I live in an apartment now and we have a pool and live in 1024 sq. ft. I'm buying a 1520 sq. ft. home with very little yard. Ahhh... room to breathe.

AWE said...

You know those guys are lying when they say they like to do yard work. I hate it. At my old house it took me over 4 hours to weed-eat and I had to wear cleats to stand on the bank. Now it is less than an hour from the time I pull the mower out until I clean the driveway.