Monday, July 31, 2006

What Would Jesus' Lawyers Do?

Regarding the firing of Dr. Foster, a popular founding pastor at Bellevue Community Church.

Such a move was one of the things church elders wanted to prevent by including a one-year non-compete clause in the severance package they offered him, he said.

Is it just me, or is it a bit abrasive to read about a non-compete clause in connection with a church? WWJD, indeed.

And here's the link to NiT's summary of events.


Ash & Alex said...

this was the church we went to when we lived there! that's crazy!

Ash & Alex said...

I grew up in Johnson City! "The church got its start in 1989 after Foster, a former Baptist preacher, and his wife were eating breakfast in a restaurant in Johnson City in East Tennessee and listed five cities on the back of a napkin where they could start a church. They chose Nashville and launched the church with nine other adults. For years, the group met at Bellevue Middle School before moving into a 280-acre church campus called Hope Park."

Muffy said...

Didn't think there was such a competitive market for preachers...

newton dominey said...

i saw a bumper sticker driving home from work last nite that said:

WWJD? He'd Use His Own Name - YAHSHUA!

it has nothing to do with a noncompete, but i thought it was funny.

Muffy said...

When I went to Emerson College in Boston, we had a guy who worked the counter at our dining hall to swipe our meal cards and such.

He was a hardass and wouldn't let you in if you didn't have your card on you, even if he saw you earlier that morning.

Finally, one student had just had it with his attitude and pulled something the rest of us wished we had the balls to. He pointed to the WWJD bracelet on the counter guy's wrist and said, "Man, denying a poor college student food is NOT what Jesus would do!"