Friday, July 21, 2006

Record Store Memories, Part 1

Customer is looking at the cassettes in the country music section, somewhere around the E part of the alphabet. Customer flags me down, giving me attitude. "You're a record store, right? You don't have any Elvis?"

I can't do much more than walk the customer down to Rock 'n Roll and stop him in front of the Mr. Presley's alphabetized place on the wall of rockers. "Here ya go," I say. He can choose from so much from The King of Rock n' Roll. And I can go back to price checks or whatever.

But there's more. "I bet you guys lose a lot of sales by hiding him way over here."

Probably; but I'm at peace with that. And Kenny G plays on.


jag said...

Right then's when I would've gotten fired for publicly humiliating that guy about his utter stupidity.

MizGrace said...

The alphabet is hard. Who can learn 26 things all in a row?!

AWE said...

You should have told him that he would be in the store next week and that is where he wanted to setup.