Saturday, March 24, 2007

Good Health and Good Perspectives on Percy Priest Lake

Tonight I ran with Geoff Baker and Newton Dominey. Nina Simone was there for a bit also, but only for one song. They, of course, are my favorite artist selections on my iPod. It was 7:30 and quite dark already as I ran from my apartment to Percy Priest Lake. It's not much of a run -- only a half mile or so -- but it felt great to get out and move.

Upon reaching the lake, I rested and sat on a small ledge which faced the water and I allowed myself to truly enjoy my surroundings. With good music in my ears and no immediate responsibilities before me, I just gazed on what is such a beautiful area. It was light enough to see the families and lovers holding hands and enjoying the same night, but dark enough that I couldn't see much detail beyond that. Red lights on invisible boats moved quickly and quietly on the water of the lake by my home.

As I sat there, I thought of my family -- gone on a Florida vacation for a week -- returning and less than an hour from home. In their absence, I missed them but I also enjoyed the luxuries of sleeping in. I enjoyed a clean living room and a quiet living space. This was my last hour of that and it felt good knowing that I would get back to parenting and holding my wife. The break was nice, but it was too long. I looked out over the lake and reflected on the calm water; it reminded me of the calm of my relationship with Paige. We started dating almost 11 years ago in the summer of 1996. Even when we broke up in April of 2000, we didn't argue at all. We were apart for a year or so, but managed to reconnect in October of 2001. (Yet another romance, rekindled after 9/11.) Calm love and big respect have always guided us through life together.

I took a big, healthy breath and stood up to run home. Round trip, one mile...with a great moment of peace at Percy Priest Lake. And Newton sang, "All I Need Tonite." Perfect.

Click here for a collection of Flickr pics of Percy Priest Lake.

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