Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My brain always catches up a few minutes later.

My family and I bumped into a friend and his daughter the other day. We exchanged brief pleasantries and then wrapped up to move on to where we were headed. This meeting occured in front of the public restroom at the Frist.

Him: Well, good to see you guys. I'm gonna step into the restroom and hope that no one kidnaps my daughter while I'm in there.

Me: OK. Good luck. See you around.

A minute or two later, the better reply comes to me. I should have offered to watch his daughter while he was "away on business." Oh well, I'm such a better and more aware friend a few minutes after the fact.


Melissa said...

hahaha, that's really funny. I always do things like that.

Nashville Knucklehead said...

Ha! No problem. We've crossed the age line where I'd rather have her wait outside the door for 90 seconds (in places like the Frist) than drag her into the men's room.

Next time, I'll give her to you and I'll head down to Hooters for a couple of hours.

Don't worry, she's used to being the designated driver.