Monday, March 19, 2007

I get what I deserve. And I deserve good music.

Not blogging about work, of course. But...what sane person would voluntarily go in for such inane subservience day-in and day-out? Tonight, I did the part of the job that I hate the most. After ten hours of fighting windmills, it remains the job most hated.

But it's all behind me now. I am home with Heineken, lounge pants, and "Tales of Mystery & Imagination" by The Alan Parsons Project. I actually got extra credit in high school English class once for bringing in the record to play behind me while I read a report on Edgar Allan Poe. I dig this up every three years or so and it always delights.

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Lynnster said...

Life's too short to spend that many hours a week doing something you hate, brother.

I'm not particularly happy but I don't hate mine. If I did, I'd have to do something else.