Sunday, March 18, 2007

This Life, It's Fleeting

I thought that I-40 was closed tonight due to construction. I was wrong. Traffic was already stopped because of one accident when another driver failed to brake and hit an SUV. That driver lost his life. Just like that. Thankfully, a person in the SUV who was taken to the hospital was being treated for non-critical injuries.

The Tennessean reports that police have not yet identified the man but say that he was in his mid-50s. I pray that those affected can find peace. I'm only guessing that he was being inattentive in his driving. And that inattentive driving sent someone to the hospital. But instead of a ticket for it, he lost his life. Tough price.

It's fleeting. And I hope that if I ever go in such an immediate way, that all of the folks who mean so much to me will know how I felt about them.

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