Saturday, March 31, 2007

Run for Alive Hospice

I may or may not run in my first ever 5K. I haven't made up my mind yet.

Anyway, a friend told me about Purity's Moosic City 10K/5K run on April 14. It's $20 to pre-reg and all proceeds go to benefit Alive Hospice.

What amuses me is that because Purity is sponsoring it, the winner gets a one year supply of Purity Ice Cream. I don't imagine that too many serious, calorie-counting health conscious runners keep a steady stock of ice cream around. What's second prize? A carton of cigarettes?

I know, I know...all things in moderation. I'll keep running over the next week or so and see if I think I can handle a 5K run. My 4.7 mile run the other night really surprised me, but I haven't tried to run that far since. Most days before work, I run a mile or so and then use the rest of my time at the weights and the hot tub.

I've been off of the beers, sodas and sweets and have been living on fruits and veggies recently. I still have a bit more belly than I would like, but it takes less effort to suck it in now.


Leesa said... the beer, soda, AND sweets?
You're a strong man :)

Good luck with the marathon :)

shauna said...

You should do it! Maybe third prize is a McDonald's gift card.

Anonymous said...

your mom is so very proud of you for even thinking about running in
the marathon - Alive Hospice were the ones who came in the last few
months of bobby's life to help take
care of him. they were very good to both of us.
to misquote a movie we all loved:
"run, Michael, run"
love from mom

Anonymous said...

Don't giv up all your carbs...You're going to need them.

Zen Banjoist